Firos Holterman ten Hove

Firos Holterman ten Hove - United Nature


Borne 1949 in Amsterdam.


As horticultural engineer I specialised in organic gardening and led a vegetable nursery.


As ph-d in history and clinical psychology I did researches into the lifes of the french alchemist Saint Germain and of C.G.Jung.


In 1973 I met the Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan  in Chamonix. I was completely perplex and this fascination remains till today!


After years of retreats in the Alps and in the USA I led the Sufi-Center in Amsterdam and later the Dutch Sufi Order.


1983 I moved with my family to the south of Germany, where I live since then.
As a therapist I worked in many different settings: drugs-addicts, managers, difficult youth, couples…


I started doing Ziraat-workshops and wrote books on the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan about nature, stones and flowers.


2003 I became CEO of Naturland, an international NGO for organic agriculture.


Later I worked for many years as an inspector for organic production.


Since 2018 I am Vice-President of Ziraat in Europe. 


My wife Vardan and I divide our dedication to our beloved place in the allgäu, Germany (with organic gardening and lots of space for visitors) and our beloved place in the marques, Italy (lots of nature and place for guests). Our special love concerns our 4 grandchildren.