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Mystic meets Farmer

In the Esoteric School of the Inayatiyya Order we learn to free ourselves from the boundaries of our concept of self and open up to a vision of life in which Lover, Love and Beloved are one.


Translated into the language of Ziraat this means that Farmer and Farm are one. An implication is the discovery that soil and plants have their resonance in the being of the farmer.


The heanenly being of the different nature kingdoms reveals itself to us, if we leave behind our individual notion of ourselves. We experiment with Sufi-Methods of emptying our selves from “normal” ways of perception. We investigate into the different senses. We discover the eternal qualites working through all nature kingdoms. We follow the 5 Elements in their employment on the farm as in ourselves.

Healer meets Farmer

In the Healing Order of the Inayatiyya Order we learn to help others to recover their health. On the farm it is traditionally the farmer who heals plants and animals. Just if the farmer learns to develop wholeness in his/her own being his/her resonance in the being of soil and plants will have healing effects.


We will investgate, how the different healing methods as teached by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, can be applied to gardening and farming. The mystery of the eternal life-force will be traced. The “green thumb” of the gardener will become within reach.

Priest meets Farmer

In the Universal Worship we learn to bring our homage to the founders of all religions. What did they teach about work on the farm and the holliness of creation?


Let us prepare and celebrate a universal worship ritual to give back to the farm and the farmer their dignity and oneness.

Sister/Brother meets Farmer

In the Sister-/Brotherhood actvity of the Inayatiyya Order we learn to take care of each other. We learn to think in terms of “we” instead of “I”.


How to organize ourselves to make sustainable agriculture possible? How to give and take? What do we learn, what do we pay? How to deal with the riddles of property of the soil?


The social teachings of our Murshids will be guidelines, along which to develop social standards for farming in tune with the One.

Knight meets Farmer

In the Knighthood-actvity of the Inatatiyya Order the themes of honesty, honor, dedicaton and service are in focus. What about a now to dedicate ourselves to feed the world? Hunger is growing. What about a now not to hurt unneccesarily animals, plants, stones?


What about a no to be trustworthy? Trust in farming is diminishing in a nery vast pace. Continuously we are confronted with scandals around food. States are trying to regulate organic agriculture. But a real farmer doesn´t do good to prenent punishment.


So hat we need to make a quantum leap after 100 years of preparation is a larger group of people interested in the age-old holy profession of growing food in harmony with the environment. What is needed is the contribution from the other branches of the Inayatiyya Order to a revival of the archetype of the farmer. Because only if we manage together to give to this profession a new dignity and spiritual meaning, we ill be able on a world scale to build a new (agri)culture.




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